Advantages and Buying Guide of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Many of us often have a feeling that time is not enough. Between work, leaving and picking up at preschool and school, cooking, and various activities, the home should be kept somewhat clean as well. Therefore, that there is a large market for things that should be able to do some of the (tedious) time-consuming chores for us is not so strange! The robot vacuum cleaner is an example of such a product.

Advantages and Buying Guide of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This Is How a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Works

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a self-propelled vacuum cleaner that keeps your home neat and clean. It has several features that can be good to know when making your choice of purchase.

Vacuuming Without Vacuum

What makes an ordinary vacuum cleaner so effective is the vacuum created in the nozzle. On a robot vacuum cleaner, you can not use the same technology; should a vacuum arise between the robot’s suction and the floor, it would not be able to move forward. Instead, a robot vacuum cleaner sweeps up dust and dirt and pushes it into an opening on its underside, which is then collected in a container.

Controlled by a Sensor System

Thanks to a sensor, the robot vacuum cleaner detects furniture, carpets, thresholds, and other objects that get in its way. The vacuuming does not occur randomly, but the robot maps the room before cleaning begins in a more or less structured way, depending on the model. The room is read using a camera, infrared technology, or laser. It cleans until the battery runs out, returns to its charging station, and then picks up where it left off until it is ready or until you turn it off. Many models can be scheduled to perform the cleaning at a specific time, for example, when you are not at home.

Thresholds and Other Obstacles

A better robot vacuum cleaner can drive over thresholds that are up to two centimeters high. If you have a lot of thresholds at home, you should also make sure that the robot vacuum cleaner can get over these. Do you have stairs, sensitive materials, or fragile objects at home? There are several ways to tell this to the vacuum cleaner. There are stair sensors that turn when it comes to a stair, magnetic tapes that you place for the vacuum cleaner to turn, or virtual walls that you can set digitally.


Robot vacuum cleaners do not have a vacuum cleaner bag but instead use a vacuum container. When the container is full, empty it into the rubbish by hand. Some models empty themselves at the charging station to do not have to empty it as often.

Advantages of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

There are many benefits to buying a robotic vacuum cleaner for your home. Today, most robot vacuum cleaners can handle all types of floors, clean carpets, and vacuum up animal hair efficiently.

Keeps Clean Between Cleanings

A robot vacuum cleaner can do really well to keep clean between cleanings; it cleans up dust mites in the living room and the crumbs under the kitchen table and can thus push the feeling of an unclean home a little further in time.

Cleans on Its Own

When the vacuum cleaner is programmed correctly, it cleans entirely on its own, even when you are not at home. This is perfect because then you always have a clean and lovely home without doing anything yourself.

Low Volume

Thanks to today’s technology, most robot vacuum cleaners are quiet. Some models have a sound volume of around 55-60 decibels, which corresponds to a standard call tone.

No Vacuum Cleaner Bag

You do not need to spend money on vacuum cleaner bags because the robotic vacuum cleaner instead collects the dust in a container. In this way, the vacuum cleaner becomes more affordable in the long run.

Some Have a Mop Function

Some models also have a mop function that allows you to dust-dry the floor.

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