Choosing the Right Rifle

Your rifle should allow you to harvest your game ethically. She must become your “partner” who will not let you down, and above all, she must not intimidate you.

Choosing the Right Rifle

What is Caliber?

In Quebec, regulations stipulate that a .243 caliber or more is required for big game hunting. All calibers will do, but make sure you’re comfortable with this one. The more powerful the caliber, the more difficult the recoil will be to control. If necessary, we can add an anti-recoil if you opt for a magnum caliber.

Ammunition of certain calibers is much more challenging to obtain. This can make a difference in the price and availability of these. Be sure to check this detail with your retailer.

The Importance of Ergonomics

First, choose a weapon that will match you perfectly. Handle it before purchase to make sure you are comfortable with it. If you are going to do fine hunting and a lot of walking with this one, I strongly suggest a light and compact rifle, which will facilitate your movement from one sector to another.

The Rifle Scope (Telescope)

Choosing a good quality telescope will allow better clearance for your eye as well as a faster shoulder. Companies now offer sizes ranging from small to large on the same telescope (ex: 3-18 × 40, 3.5-10 × 50). These riflescopes now allow shooting at short and long-range!

Which Mechanism of Action to Choose?

In Quebec, during the hunting season, the weather offers us cocktails of rain, snow, frost, etc.! I advocate the choice of action to lock. This mechanism is much more reliable in these types of conditions because of its simple operation.

When the time comes to maintain your weapon, a locking mechanism is much quicker to disassemble for cleaning!

Define Your Needs

In conclusion, the choice of a weapon becomes much simpler when we consider our real needs. Experimenting with a light bolt action weapon with little recoil will give you confidence in your shots. The choice of inexpensive and accessible ammunition will inspire you to practice.

We must not fall into the trap of choosing a caliber that is too powerful and ill-suited, mainly since the vast majority of the game is harvested at short distances in Quebec!

Have a good season and good hunting!

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