Product Test Without Energy

Clearing leaves is not exactly the most fun garden job. Or you do it with a regular rake, and that is time-consuming. Either you take an electric leaf blower, but that makes a lot of noise. So now comes up with a third option. The company has designed a garden clearer that quickly but silently collects leaves. Steven Van Driessche tests him for De Inspecteur but is not entirely convinced.

Gardena recently introduced the garden clearer for autumn leaves, grass clippings, and scarifying residues. The device is environmentally friendly, and it works without a motor or battery, and, according to the manufacturer, it is quiet and very effective. “Without much effort, the garden is quickly tidy again,” according to the advertisement. And another advantage: because the thing is a cart that you push, you can clear leaves without too much strain on your back.

Product Test Without Energy

“The Thing Takes Up a Lot of Space”

Steven Van Driessche is happy to apply to test the garden clearer. “I have several fruit trees in the garden and also shrubs that lose their leaves. So more than enough leaf fall.” 

The garden clearer is not supplied in its entirety. Steven has yet to assemble the thing himself. “That is very simple. The device is self-explanatory. But when it is put together, it does take up a lot of space. You cannot fold the long handle. There are also no supports so that you can store the device upright. ” 

“It Does What It Promises”

Steven is satisfied with the way the garden clearer works. “You can compare it with the operation of an old-fashioned lawnmower. You push the device forward and the brushes at the bottom, then turn. This pushes the leaves into the collector. That goes very well.” 

You can set the leaf clearer at different heights, depending on the length of your grass or the surface. “Adjusting it is very easy. Although I think the thing works best on my lawn. More leaves remain on the patio tiles.” 

Steven is satisfied with the speed with which he can clear his lawn from leaves. “It’s not difficult. You push the garden clearer forward, and the leaves fall in by themselves. You have to empty the container often. Because the leaves are not reduced in size, it fills up quickly.”

“You can quickly clear the large surfaces of your garden without bending over.”
– Steven Van Driessche, test candidate

Steven finds the garden clearer, especially suitable for people who have a neat garden. “If your lawn mainly consists of straight sections, you can remove the leaves very quickly here. However, you cannot remove the leaves in small corners with this device. And if your garden is a bit bumpy, it will not work either. Then the device will remain guaranteed to sting.” 

The Price Is a Bit Too High

The garden clearer costs about 130 euros. Steven finds that on the expensive side. “I wouldn’t give that money. For that price, you have already bought a lot of ordinary rakes. Besides, it is mainly a gadget and not necessary garden tools.” 

7 Out of 10

All in all, the garden clearer gets a good score from Steven. “The price is disappointing, but the thing does what it promises, and it is straightforward to use.”

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