The Electric Pruning Shears Make Gardening Easier

You would love to put the scissors in your bushes, but you soon notice that the plant’s branches are too thick for classic secateurs. You can then keep fiddling with the branch until it snaps, or you can use much larger hedge shears. Another option is perhaps the electric pruning shears from Bosch. According to the advertising, that makes pruning easier. The Inspector wants to know whether that is correct.

The Electric Pruning Shears Make Gardening Easier


The technology and principle of the EasyPrune pruning shears from Bosch is very similar to that of the electric bicycle. You can use the secateurs as a classic tool where you do not use the support or switch on the support, and then you get help with pruning.  You can choose from three positions. If you put the scissors on the highest setting, they will provide faster support than if you opt for the first setting.

The scissors promise to make gardening more accessible, and De Inspector would like to test that. He finds an enthusiastic listener with green fingers who enjoys testing the scissors.  

“It is a pleasure to have these scissors in your hands. I’m a fan!”
Elke Van den Eeden, test candidate


  • The support works fine
  • The pruning shears are super easy to use
  • She doesn’t make too much noise
  • You can charge them with a micro-USB charger
  • A wire cutter is also included 


  • Too bad that no extra sheet is included
  • It would help if you had an Allen key to replace the blades, and that is not included either
  • The price. ‘The lowest price I’ve found is €73.00. It would be nice if it went down a little more.’ 

8.5 Out of 10 

Elke is delighted with the EasyPrune. And that experience also translates into a good score. 

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